Steven B. Pearlman & Associates represents dozens of commercial, industrial, multi-family, incentive and special use properties in Cook County and the Collar Counties, using our knowledge and experience to provide expertise and value to our clients.

Our practice handles real estate assessment issues for a wide variety of properties including, but not limited to: downtown high-rise buildings, commercial buildings, auto dealerships, restaurants, hotels, national big box retailers, landmarked properties, manufacturing facilities, residential buildings and incentive properties.

We provide client services that provide property tax assessment relief and minimize tax liabilities.

We can navigate and lead our clients through appeals’ processes with County Assessor, the Board of Review, the Circuit Court and the Property Tax Appeal Board. We are dedicated to minimizing property tax liabilities and serving our clients’ needs.

Assessment Appeals

We work with our clients to ensure that their assessments are equitable and fair through formal appeals or through communications with County taxing officials.

Tax projections for Developers

Our firm provides, as a service, real estate tax projections for new projects and recent or contemplated purchases.  Our experience with County taxing officials provides us with a unique knowledge of the methodologies routinely employed by the jurisdictional County to be able to project a range of real estate taxes for due diligence or logistical needs


Our Attorneys are knowledgeable and experienced with the available incentive classes designed by the County to encourage development.  Our Attorneys can navigate through an initial incentive consultation to the implementation of an incentive class for your eligible development project.


We understand the intricacies of ad valorem tax law and how to approach the appeal’s process. We are proud of the long-term relationships we have developed with our clients, and work hard to meet their needs.

Why Steven B. Pearlman & Associates?

Clients seek out Steven B. Pearlman & Associates for:


Sophisticated assessment analysis and appeals for all types of properties


Consultation and implementation of all types of incentives and abatements


Experienced Attorneys and staff who will work tirelessly to advocate for an equitable assessment through all levels of the appeal process


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